A healthy and delicious meat for any occasion

Our farm shop opens every Saturday from 9am to 4pm. All year long, you can find in the farm shop our main product: chicken meat, available as a whole chicken or in pieces. From October to March, pieces of turkey are also offered for sale. In addition, various batches of ducks are prepared all year long. Some additional specialties come with Christmas time: whole turkeys to roast, « poulardes » (young hens) and Guinea fowls.

Young poultry are on the farm since an age of 4 to 5 weeks. They are raised in healthy, clean and well-conditioned husbandry facilities and have access to large outside green areas. Their feeding is made up on the farm from grains produced in our fields. We commit ourselves to pay a strong attention to feeding preparation and to slow fattening of the product; those are keys to produce healthy and delicious meat.

Taste it, you’ll like it!

We aim to produce a quality meat by controlling feeding quality

Poultry’s fattening is achieved with crop products from our farm: wheat, corn, spelt, triticale, bere and protein peas. Those cereals and peas are processed every month on the farm by a mobile mill (mounted on a truck). For many years now, we produce protein peas to replace soybean as the main protein part of the diet. Soybean has indeed two main drawbacks: its ecological footprint is important (transportation from South-America, deforestation of the Amazon rainforest) and a GMO-free soybean cannot be guaranteed.

Furthermore, diet composition in each type of cereal is deeply studied in order to reach a good balance between meat’s taste and fat content.

All ducks, chickens, turkeys, hens, guinea fowls have access to grazing areas for the major part of the year

Different hen houses are available for welcoming any type of poultry. Between two consecutives batches, a hen house is therefore cleaned and disinfected and remains empty for a while in order to prevent biological contaminations from one batch to the other.

Poultry’s lifetime is also an important part of the process to obtain a tasty flesh. Broiler chickens are culled only after 12 weeks (i.e. age of sexual maturity), or even after 13 or 14 weeks if possible. Ducks and turkeys are culled after 16 weeks, and up to 6 months for turkeys.

The slaughterhouse « Le Moulin de la Hunelle » (Pipaix, Belgium) is very close to the farm (only 6 km). This family-size establishement meets culling standards of the European Union and is specialized in small-size lots of poultry (conversely to industrial slaughterhouses).