Do not miss to visit the following places in our neighborhood …

• We are located in a preserved area, named Parc Naturel de Plaines de l’Escaut (the tourist center is 15 min away)

• Cities of Tournai (15 min), Mons (25 min) and Lille (30 min)

• A bit further (~1h15 driving), cities of Brussels, Ghent et Bruges

• The zoological and botanical garden  Pairi-Daiza (35 min)

• Various local breweries, among them (all at less than 30 min driving):

Brasserie des Carrières
Brasserie Dubuisson
Brasserie Dupont
Brasserie à Vapeur
Brasserie Caulier
Brasserie de Cazeau

• Last but not least, the farm is located in a (very) charming village, whose most glorious past lies in the ruins of the old medieval castle of Briffœil (20 min walking from the farm, see picture here aside).